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Drexel have developed Online Continuous Emission MonitoringSystem (OCEMS) which comprises of all the necessary parameterrequired to determine the concentration of gaseous emission andparticulate matter for BMWTP application. Also the systemincorporates cyclic control for Auto Clave into main frame Drexel hasinstalled more than 200 systems world wide..

For Biomedical waste treatment plants, this system includesfollowing parameters as specified in CPCB guidelines i.e.

  • CO ( Carbon Monoxide)
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • Zirconia O2 (Oxygen)
  • SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
  • NOX (Oxides of Nitrogen)
  • HCL (Hydrogen chloride)
  • HF ( Hydrogen Flouride)
  • Primary Incinerator Temperature
  • Secondary Incinerator Temperature
  • PM (Particulate Matters)


Drexel DX4B is a multi-parameter system, and it works on an extractive measurement technique wherein the emission levels are measured by extracting the heated gas from the stack, and before feeding to the analyzer it is cooled to the required sampling temperature. The Stack gas parameters are measured with NDIR and FTIR/DOAS analyzer assembly. SPM is measured with DC-Triboelectric and Laser Back Scattering Method.

Technical Specifications Of Bio Medical Waste Treatment Plants.

  • Fully Automated & Ease of Operation.
  • Basis parameters monitored SO2, NOx, HCL, HF, range for 0 to 1000ppm
  • O2 range 0 to25%/100%, CO 0 to1%, CO2 0 to12%
  • Suspended Particulate Matter range 0 to 1000ppm. DC Tribo- electric/ Laser scattered / Dust opacity type Strong Adaptability & Compatibility.
  • Hot and Dry Extractive type.
  • Remote zero check.
  • Controllable process and accurate results.
  • Weather Proof. Flame Proof (optional).
  • Data Storage: On servers
  • Power Supply:- 240 V AC/50Hz-60 Hz.
  • Power Consumption: 800 W max.
  • Ambient Temperature: -10 to 60 degrees
  • Enclosure rating: IP 65 for standard unit and IP 66/67 is optional.
  • Interface: RS232, RS485 for external device interface(4-20mA Optional).
  • Physical method with almost no consumable.
  • Measuring process time 2 to 3 min.
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Built-in Display 7" (optional 15" touch screen).
  • Built-in 3-hour battery backup (optional).
  • Online data transmission through server networks.
  • Inbuilt purging systems for sensor cavity cleaning.


The interface is user-friendly & works seamlessly. When the system is switched on, the system is powered up then the Touch Screen display starts automatically & further configured parameters are shown on the display. Also the data is sent to server by IoT device for online monitoring of parameter. The data can be stored for up to 2 years on server.