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Real-time Drinking Water Monitoring System/Analyzer

Project solutions, consultancy and services for small Hydro Power Projects (Off-Grid and On- Grid)

Hydroelectric power stations enjoy inherent technical, economic, and environmental benefits that make them an important part of both the present and future of the renewable energy mix. This is particularly true for developing countries, where growing demand for power is complemented by significant untapped hydro potential. Meanwhile, for countries with an established hydroelectric capacity, increased plant life and assured safety with the lowest environmental impact are key factors in hydropower engineering. We also provide Real-time Drinking Water Monitoring System/Analyzer in Canada, Brazil and UAE.

Hydroelectric power plants have unique structural integrity problems compared with other industries. This stems from civil engineering issues such as concrete encasement of components, the physical size of components and low temperature operation. And, while hydroelectric plants benefit from long operating lives, this brings its own issues with ageing asset management.

We can assist with maintaining the operating efficiency of existing hydropower schemes through defect assessment and mitigation, while also offering specialist inspection and a confidential, impartial, and independent service in a competitive industry. This operational support is built on years of full project management experience, and we weld repair procedure and development capabilities mean that the life of existing small hydropower electricity generation assets, including pumped storage, can be extended by delaying or even removing the need for the expensive replacement of current resources. This single-point access to the world-class structural integrity, materials, inspection, repair, and fabrication expertise is just part of what we can provide for plant operations. While wehave a wealth of experience in this area, we can also provide feasibility studies to investigate new technologies and repair methods.

We asset management and hydropower consultants allow us to effect independent and confidential failure investigation, using due diligence from an impartial standpoint, allowing your plant to return to operation, minimizing costly outages.