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Stack Emission Monitoring System/Analyzer

Stack Emission Monitoring System/Analyzer

Drexel Group is a manufacturer of Online Pollution Monitoring systems for Water Quality Monitoring, Emission, and Ambient Air Quality Monitoring like Stack Emission Monitoring System/Analyzer.

Drexel Emission Monitoring Systems is required to analyze the harmful/toxic gases discharged from Industrial stacks as per the emission parameters specified for the industry depending upon the specific industrial process.

Stack Emission Monitoring is a process to measure the emission level of industrial plants or pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by the stacks connected to industries. The pollutants emitted from the stack can be solid particulate matter and waste gases.

Continuous stack emission monitoring enables 24-hour monitoring of the emission levels of the plant. This is essential to protect the environment and also the authorities can excess the online data through servers connected to online emission monitoring systems. This monitoring of emission levels is vital for big plants like cement plants, refineries, and large-capacity chemical plants.

Stack Emission Monitoring System/Analyzer


Our DX4P is a multi-parameter system, and it works on an extractive measurement technique wherein the emission levels are measured by extracting the heated gas from the stack, and before feeding to the analyzer it is cooled to the required sampling temperature. The Stack gas parameters are measured with NDIR, NDUV, FTIR, and DOAS principles.

Technical Specifications of Emission Monitoring Systems/Analysers.

  • Fully Automated & Ease of Operation.
  • Basis parameters monitored SO2, NO2, HCL, CH4, VOC range for 0 to 1000ppm
  • O2 range 0 to25%/100%, CO 0 to1%, CO2 0 to12%
  • Suspended Particulate Matter range 0 to 1000ppm. DC Tribo- electric, Laser scattered & Dust opacity type Strong Adaptability & Compatibility.
  • Hot and Dry Extractive type.
  • Space Saving with Ergonomics Design.
  • Remote zero/span calibration (optional).
  • Controllable process and accurate results
  • Weather Proof. Flame Proof (optional).
  • Data Storage: On servers.
  • Power Supply:- 240 VAC/50Hz-60 Hz.
  • Power Consumption: 800 W max.
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 to 60 degrees
  • Enclosure rating: IP 65-67 for standard unit.
  • Interface: RS232, RS485 for external device interface.
  • Physical method with almost no consumable.
  • Measuring time 2 to 3 min.
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Built-in Display 15" (optional 7" touch screen).
  • Built-in 3-hour battery backup (optional).
  • Online data transmission through server networks.
  • inbuilt purging systems for sensor cavity cleaning.

Real-time data Recordings.

  • P10 led scrolling screen easily interfaces with the analyzer.
  • Response time: less than 60 Sec.
  • Resolution: 0.1


The interface is user-friendly & works seamlessly. When the system is switched on, the system is powered up then the HMI display starts automatically, and further configured parameters are shown on the display.

Real-time Information

Emissions may vary depending on the industry category and type of fuel type used. Therefore the online monitoring device records accurate data on industrial emissions based on real-time monitoring which is updated on the server and historical data is also maintained.