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Noise Monitoring System

Noise monitoring system

Drexel Noise Monitoring system uses the specialized Noise concentration sensor probe as core detecting device, which has variable characteristics whether the goal of your outdoor noise monitoring is to provide long-term noise monitoring with remote access to the system and a schedule of alerts and alarms, to deploy a system and retrieve it later to analyze results or to make an attended measurement. Drexel offers a noise monitoring system that fits your environmental noise testing needs. Drexel noise monitoring systems offer flexibility, accurate and reliable results in rugged packaging designed to withstand the elements.

Drexel system continuously monitors the status of noise and transfer the data to the online server to keep under continues surveillance and also records the historical data on the cloud server. Drexel manufactures system as per the Government guidelines and also the system can be customize as per the customer requirement. Drexel have extensive experience in the Manufacturing, Operation and Maintenance of Noise monitoring system.


  • Airports
  • Communities
  • Communities
  • Industrial Plants
  • Mining Operations
  • Motorsports
  • Railways
  • Stadiums
  • Traffic
  • Wind Farms


  • Wide measurement range
  • High precision
  • Good linearity
  • Good versatility
  • Convenient using
  • Easy installation
  • Long transmission distance
  • Moderate price
Environmental Sound and Noise monitoring